Alchemy Gothic - GMT Feromonic Field Detector Ring


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Alchemy Gothic - A Dark Engagement Ring

This Alchemy ring is a scientific tuning device found essential to gauge accurate settings for the successful transposition of bio-matter; with moveable dial indicator. Rings are hand cast and made in England from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.

Alchemy Steampunk collection revolves around Ezekiel Empire Rosensteins a.k.a. EER, Victorian descendant to the original, C18th Dr. von Rosenstein, incredible Galvanic Matter Transposition System, for pronto mass remotion, the earliest known teleporter, a kind of three dimensional fax machine. Known as the GMT, this sensational invention was, sadly, completely lost to science. However, from a combination of surviving fragments in our archives, anecdotal evidence and recently found early drawings, Alchemy Gothic 1977 have been able to reconstruct several of Rosensteins GMT principle elements.

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