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 Neo-Geisha X Delivers Australia Wide and Internationally!

Free Shipping for all orders over $300 Australia Wide!

 We send all items Regular Post within Australia, and by Air mail Internationally.
Postage & handling is calculated based on the weight and category of each item.
View item postage costs (shown in Shipping Key below) to work out your shipping cost.
You can also check the postage & handling cost when you click on "view basket" at the end of the checkout process, prior to payment.

All postage in sent by regular mail, except packages over $100 which will now be sent by registered post at no extra cost.
If you would like express post or registered post for items under $100 please contact us as extra charges may apply.

Delivery Times within Australia

Victoria (VIC) -  7-21 Working Days*

Queensland (QLD) - 7-21 Working Days*
New South Wales (NSW) - 7-21 Working Days*
South Australia (SA) - 7-21 Working Days*
Western Australia (WA) - 7-21 Working Days*
Northern Territory (NT) - 7-21 Working Days*
Tasmania (TAS) - 7-21 Working Days*

CUSTOM MADE OR OUT OF STOCK :  All Shoes, Boots and Clothing made under a custom basis please allow 60-90 working days for Manufacturing and Delivery.


If you need something urgently or by a specific day, delays do happen, please make a note on delivery instructions (Additional charges may apply for a urgent delivery). If you wish to have the items sent via Express Post or Registered Post, please contact us on as additional charges may apply.

*PLEASE NOTE: Orders are sent out within these times. Some items may arrive quicker than this time frame due to volumes of stock on hand.

**Corsets, Clothing and Footwear may take about a week or two longer. This is beyond our control, if it does take longer we WILL contact you. *Subject to availability

Delivery Times Internationally

Internationally we send via Airmail which unfortunately isn't trackable online. Insurance is optional and costs $10.00 per $100 coverage.
Postage to the USA, UK, Europe and Canada takes 7-28 working days from when we ship. Usually 2-4 weeks from ordering.

*INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE NOTE: You may be subject to import duties and taxes on your order that are calculated once your order reaches your country. Additional charged for customs clearance must be paid by you. We have no control over any additional charges and cannot predict what they will be. Customs policies vary widely for different countries, so we would suggest contacting your local customs office to find out more information before placing an order. Neo-Geisha X accepts no responsibility for uninsured items lost in the post.


How is Shipping Calculated?

Shipping is calculated by category

Corsets $11.50 AUD $5.50 AUD $31.00 AUD $8.00 AUD
Heels/Fetish Heels
$13.00 AUD $6.00 AUD $48.00 AUD $17.00 AUD






If you buy more than one of the same items. The additional item will be at the "additional item" price":

eg. 1 Pair of Fetish Heels ($13.00 AUS) + another pair of Fetish Heels ($6.00 AUS) = $19.00 Shipping Cost
eg. 1 Corset ($31.00 INT) + another Corset ($8.00 INT) = $39.00 Shipping

If a combination of items are being purchased, the higher priced item rate shall apply. The lower cost item will be added at the "additional Item" price:

e.g. 1 Pair of High Heels ($13.00 AUS) + 1 Corset ($5.50 AUS) = $18.50 Shipping Cost
e.g. 1 Pair of Heels ($13.00 AUS) + 1 pair of Fetish Heels ($6.00 AUS) + 1 Corset ($5.50 AUS) = $24.50 Shipping Cost

Neo-Geisha X Shipping Key

Tops/Singlets/T-Shirts/Jumpers $8.50 AUD $3.50 AUD $22.00 AUD $8.00 AUD
Vests $20.00 AUD $5.00 AUD $35.00 AUD $10.00 AUD
Jackets $12.50 AUD $5.50 AUD $39.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
Corsets $11.50 AUD $5.50 AUD $31.00 AUD $8.00 AUD
Dresses $12.50 AUD $7.50 AUD $39.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
Pants $12.50 AUD $5.50 AUD $39.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
Leggings $9.50 AUD $3.00 AUD $39.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
Skirts - Short/Shorts $7.50 AUD $3.00 AUD $31.00 AUD $8.00 AUD
Skirts - Knee Length, Long $12.50 AUD $5.00 AUD $31.00 AUD $8.00 AUD
Suits $18.00 AUD $10.00 AUD $48.00 AUD $10.00 AUD
Costumes/Hosiery/Lingerie $9.00 AUD $3.00 AUD $22.00 AUD $8.00 AUD

Flats/Sandals $14.50 AUD $5.50 AUD $42.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
Creepers/Sneakers/Wedges $14.50 AUD $5.00 AUD $51.00 AUD $17.00 AUD
Heels/Fetish Heels $16.00 AUD $6.00 AUD $51.00 AUD $17.00 AUD
Ankle/Calf Boots $18.00 AUD $6.00 AUD $51.00 AUD $17.00 AUD
Knee/Thigh High Boots $22.00 AUD $6.00 AUD $68.00 AUD $20.00 AUD
Leather Shoes/Men's Boots
$18.00 AUD $6.00 AUD $68.00 AUD $20.00 AUD

Anime DVD'S, Games, Novelties & Prints
$6.60 AUD $1.60 AUD $20.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
Anime, Collectable Figurines, Dolls & Money Pots
$12.00 AUD
$4.00 AUD
$38.00 AUD
$14.00 AUD
Cosplay $15.00 AUD $5.00 AUD $43.00 AUD $17.00 AUD
Robes $16.00 AUD
$6.00 AUD
$43.00 AUD $17.00 AUD
Plush Toys/Pillows $9.00 AUD $3.00 AUD $20.00 AUD $9.00 AUD
$7.20 AUD $3.20 AUD $22.00 AUD  $9.50 AUD
Bows/Clips/Necklaces/Chokers/Fascinators/Headbands & Accessories
$7.00 AUD $2.00 AUD $22.00 AUD $9.50 AUD
Jewellery Boxes
$14.00 AUD
$5.50 AUD
$22.00 AUD
$8.00 AUD
Hair Dye/Make Up $6.55 AUD $1.00 AUD $12.50 AUD $9.50 AUD
Handbags/Messenger Bags
$12.50 AUD $4.50 AUD $39.00 AUD $9.00 AUD

Gloves/Fluffies/Hats/Ties/Petticoats $6.00 AUD $1.00 AUD $12.50 AUD $9.50 AUD